PRIVACY POLICY ("Privacy Policy")

The Eventure Group website, in order to protect the privacy of website user data and ensure that website users agree to allow Eventure Group to use it, hereby I would like to explain how Eventure Group obtains users' personal data online, the scope, use methods and inquiries:

When you browse the website, only your browsing history and Internet Protocol address (IP Address) will be collected, but your personal information will not be collected. The collection of the number of visits records is used to estimate the number of daily visits to the website, and the relevant information is only used for statistics of the website usage rate.

When you use Eventure Group, it will collect information about your use of the website by means of stored cookies. "Cookies" are small text files sent from a website server and stored on your computer's hard drive. The information collected by cookies includes various activities, visit habits, consumption habits, personal information and credit history of your visit to the website, etc. These are only used for website analysis to understand your likes and dislikes of the website in order to improve the services we provide. Will not be provided to third parties.

Third-party vendors (including Google) use cookies to serve ads based on the websites you have visited before. By using the DART cookie, Google and its partners can serve ads based on your visits to this website and/or other websites on the Internet.

You can opt out of DART cookies by visiting the Opt-out of Advertising Cookies page. You can visit the opt-out cookie page of the Network Advertising Initiative to ask third-party vendors to stop using cookies on you.

When you express your desire to receive Eventure Group’s activities or services, we may request personal information about you, which may include your name, gender, email address, mailing address, credit card information, phone or mobile phone number, postal code, and Living area. This information will be collected in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Personal data provided by you directly or indirectly through application forms or contracts, entry forms, questionnaires, subscriptions to newsletters, promotional activities, and telemarketing or sales
  • Personal data about transactions between you and us or third parties.
  • Personal data available in the public domain.
  • Your personal data will be used in the following daily business processes: processing applications for products and services; identity verification.
Although we can only disclose your information within the scope of permitted disclosure under current laws/policies and/or when you agree to the disclosure, in order to provide you with better services, we may still provide information such as Certain categories of objects listed below disclose your information:
  • Third-party service providers.
  • Agents or contractors acting on our behalf or entrusted by us to act on our behalf.
  • Anyone in this company who has the responsibility of confidentiality.
We will ensure that the above-mentioned related parties will take reasonable measures to protect the information we disclose to them to ensure that these information are kept confidential.

We will securely store your information in our computer system, and limit those who try to obtain your information, and our employees will process the information safely.


Regulations for use
When you use this website, it means that you unconditionally and fully comply with the matters stipulated in the following terms of use. Please read all terms carefully before use. Relevant terms will be revised from time to time when necessary, and you must comply with the revised conditions. Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly browse this website to check the latest terms that need to be complied with.

To the extent permitted by applicable laws, the information contained on this website is (1) provided on an "as is" basis without any express or implied warranties. Eventure Group guarantees all express or implied warranties (including but It is not limited to the implied guarantee of merchantability and suitability for a specific purpose) and does not assume any responsibility; (2) Eventure Group does not guarantee that this website or the functions contained in it will not be interrupted or error, nor does it guarantee that the improper Has been corrected, or the servers set up on this website are not affected by viruses or other harmful components; and (3) Eventure Group does not guarantee or guarantee whether this website or the information or results obtained from the use of this website are correct, accurate or reliable.

The information and instructions contained herein are for general reference purposes only, and are not intended to provide all terms, conditions and exclusions applicable to each product and service.

It is recommended that all users of this website consult a licensed stock analyst, financial analyst or professional for professional opinions before deciding on any transaction related to stock investment.

This website may be linked to other websites that are not operated by Eventure Group. Eventure Group is not responsible for the availability, content or correctness of any externally linked sites, and will not make any express or implied guarantees for the use of any external links. The inclusion of links to these sites does not mean that Eventure Group has approved or endorsed these sites or their content. You clearly understand and agree to browse these websites at your own risk.